Wissenschaftliches Programm 2022

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (SGC): 16 CME Punkte für die Teilnahme an den Swiss Hernia Days 2022


Donnerstag, 1. September 2022


8:00 — 8:30


8:45 – 9:45

Session 1 — Trends and news in hernia surgery 2022

Alfred Buenafe
Filip Muysoms

Status of hernia repairs in Europe – a critical view from the Herniamed Registry
Ferdinand Köckerling (GER)

Game changers in the literature 2021 – my choice
Konstantinos Zarras (GER)

Hernia Surgery – Where are we in 10 years from now?
Michael Scott (GBR)

10:45 – 11:15


11:15 – 12:15

Session 3 — When it gets complex

David Lourie
Nasra Alam

When do we need a TAR and how do we perform it?
Barbora East (CZE)

How to treat recurrences and re-recurrences of ventral hernia repair
Walter Brunner (SUI)

In case you want to keep the abdominal wall intact: BTA and fascial traction
Dietmar Eucker (SUI)

12:15 – 12:45


12:45 – 13:30

Lunch Symposium

Henry Hoffmann

Update on PhasixST hiatal mesh repair
Christian Gutschow (SUI)

Impact of bioplastics on human body and nature
Ines Fritz (AUT)

15:00 – 15:30



Generalversammlung der Schweizerischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Hernienchirurgie (SAHC), nur für Mitglieder

16:30 – 17:30

Session 6 — Special aspects of hernia surgery

Lars Jorgensen
Jaideprai Rao

Hospital volume and surgeon’s caseload – Does it matter in hernia  surgery?
Knut Borch (NOR)

Anatomical basis of epigastric hernias and diastasis recti
Yohann Renard (FRA)

Update on Diastasis recti
Jonathan Douissard (SUI)

17:30 – 18:00

Keynote lecture

When sailing transatlantic is not crazy enough: how about the arctic circle
Walter Brunner (SUI)


Freitag, 2. September 2022


8:00 — 8:30


12:00 – 12:30


15:00 – 15:30




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